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    What exactly is this? A general/tech-inclining news aggressor? Where do the links come from? Some AI or are they scraped from various sources like a planet site? What relation does this have to https://sub.cafe – a parallel project, or is there some connection between the two?

    Just posting a link like this is confusing and doesn’t say much. Add a comment if you know more, or maybe add a short note to the title “Newscafe: An AI-based news aggressor”or whatever it is – would help a lot.

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      Found this poking around a bit:

      Newscafe is my newest project and it’s up at news.sub.cafe. Right now it fetches some RSS feeds and ranks the links by number of shares on Facebook. But it can be much more with better sources and interesting metadata.

      (Here)[https://sub.cafe/lucian/] (Sorry can’t find a way to link to a specific post.)

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        Sub is the parent app/domain and it’s a social network.

        Newscafe is a automated news site like Microsoft/Google/Apple News. I should have called it Sub News.

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        I like the design, not efficient but nice.