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    Even if this services are not evil; CDN allow them to inject code in my webpages and do data farming

    Well actually not only services, some malicious exploits are backdooring CDN pages…

    For instance this one is using this technique in order to persist: https://github.com/samyk/poisontap

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      I am not ready to make my own fonts, like the author.

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        Can’t you avoid using a CDN by just hosting the files locally? I’m not sure why the author had to make his own font to avoid using a CDN. They seem like separate issues.

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          Agreed. I think the author was talking about reducing dependencies, in general.

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            I’ve had issues doing the with Google Fonts for some reason. When I pass in variables they don’t seem to get parsed when I’m hosting the source. I could not figure out why some time ago but maybe I should try again.