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Rumour mill suggests new iPad Pros, but other possibilities include 4K Apple TV, ARM iMacs, and the perennially unlaunched AirTags.

I might not be able to fully provide my commentary because of schedule conflicts, but I’ll try my best.

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      • Stream start.

      • It’s the big building Apple built. I wonder how that’s working out for them.

      • Tim. Maybe 2021 will be less of a hell world? Earth day (though I’d say there’s another thing today, hehe). Carbon neutral offices/stores. 2030, 100% even in manufacturing. Mice are colour matched. Same with the trackpad.

      • Updates on services. Apple Card (who has one?) is a thing. Changing credit score calculation and management, particular for partners/marriages. More family usage management things.

      • Podcasts. Started with 3000, now millions of them. Redesigned app. Emphasis on helping podcasts as a subscriber. 170 regions.

      • iPhone. What if it was purple?

      • Carolyn. Find My (Stuff). E2E. More of it! Seems like AirTags. U1 chip can be used to actually use a compass to find it. Customization. Precision finding is the U1 thing. Security measures to improve privacy with them (i.e rotating IDs). $29. 4-pack for 99. Friday orders, available April 30. Even in leather!

      • Tim. Seems like TV. Apparently there’s good shows on TV+. Even more of them.

      • Cindy. Apple TV time. Apple TV 4K. A12 CPU. Dolby Vision. HDR with high framerate. AirPlay can do that, as well as working with providers. Built-in calibration using an iPhone to change TV settings. Redesigned remote. CLICKWHEEL! Made from recycled aluminum. 179 for 32, 199 for 64. Order April 30, available latter half of May.

      • Tim. Macs? M1 is pretty solid. They make the majority of Mac sales now.

      • John. M1 is great, yeah. (I actually agree.) People actually deliver fat binaries now. Even Adobe and Microsoft. Is that a colourful iMac?

      • Colleen to talk about iMac. Redesigned completely, very flat, smaller chin, no bulges. Looks nice from the back. ARM allows the internal chassis to be much smaller and thermally cooler. Just two small fans. Under 10db typical. 11.5mm thin. Smaller footprint.

      • Display. 24” no bezel about as small as the 21”. 4.5K retina (didnt catch exact res). P3, 500 nits. Truetone. Low relfectivity coating. Mic, speaker, camera upgrade with Navpreet. 1080p camera, larger sensor for low light. ISP in M1 gets more out of it. Tone mapping. Three mic array. Fancy speaker. Spatial audio w/ Atmos.

      • Colleen. 85% perf improvement in CPU than 21.5” models. Up to 2X faster in graphics some apps, 50% faster than the dGPU in prev gen iMac. 2 TB ports. 4 Type C. Up to 6K external. Magnetic power lead and small external PSU. Ethernet goes into the PSU. New input options. Colour matched. Touch ID in the external KB. Ad for the normal people. Environmentally friend. The wood and metal is friendly! Available in May? (didn’t catch specific date)

      • John. Another Intel chip gone. What is this spy bullshit? Someone’s taking apart a Mac? And putting it into an iPad?

      • Raja. iPad Pro has M1 (A14X, same thing). Same everything inside. 50-75% over the last iPad Pro. 40% fastrer graphics. Xbox/PS controllers supported, yes. 2X faster storage, 2 TB storage option. Type C with Thunderbolt/USB 4. Full 6K external monitors. 5G wireless with mmWave. Fancy cameras with Fiona. AR stuff possible. HDR with ISP. Depth perception in front camera? Ultrawide camera. 12MP front 122 FOV. It can automatically pan/tilt/zoom to keep focus on people.

      • Raja. Many more features. 4 million pixels. “Liquid Retina XDR”. 1000 nits/1600 nits. 1mil:1 contrast ratio. Heidi. Array of LEDs. (Mini-LED?) 10,000 of them. Fancy manufacturing 6.4mm thin/1.5lb/long battery life. Raja. Some devs got an early preview. Good performance, as always. Accessories. Scribble supports more languages (HWR in text fields). The tablet and the keyboard comes in white. Yes, it’s environmentally friendly. 11” 799, 12.9” w/ XDR at 1099. Ad for the normal people.

      • John. Big upgrade, yeah. Back to Tim. Review of things. Fin. Yes, it was done according to public health measures.

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        Thanks for providing these commentaries! I really enjoy reading them.

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      Well that was disappointing. They called the event “spring loaded” and didn’t introduce anything that’s literally spring-loaded like a foldable phone would be…

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        They called the event “spring loaded”

        It’s both spring, and 4/20, so I’m sure there were some “loaded” people somewhere out there watching at the very least.

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        Do people actually use foldable phones? (I have the same question about iPad Pros too.)

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          I saw a picture on reddit yesterday of someone using a flip-phone fullscreen folding phone, complaining about the ads they get in the built in weather app. So, I guess the answer is at least one person does…

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            I see them used by hosts on shows sponsored by Samsung ;)

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          Do people actually use foldable phones? (I have the same question about iPad Pros too.)

          I can answer for the second part with a yes, indeed. Best device I’ve ever owned.

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      Having bought the M1 Mac mini on release, my first thought on seeing the iMac was “aww, should’ve waited”. I’m happy that we’re finally seeing a bit more whimsy in their industrial design.

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