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    I hope they at least bought a new TV set for that poor guy ;)

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      I’d really like to understand how one powered-on television — even if it was an unshielded, dangerous old CRT nightmare — can disrupt ADSL to an entire village. Aberhosan is tiny but still… Is a single unshielded device near a telephone pole (I’m guessing his house has a pole nearby?) really enough to disrupt everyone on the line like that? I’d sort of expect a lot more of these problems if that were true (and the engineers presumably wouldn’t have waited to test it only after exhausting other possibilities).

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        Was it ADSL? I thought it would be like DOCSIS or whatever that weird internet-over-TV-cable thing was. Since, you know, TVs..

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          It could be a microwave link too, for all we know.

          I first saw this story on BBC’s website, kudos to OP for tracking down the original source, but it’s still a press release.

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            A very good question :-) I assumed it was, as I live pretty close to the Welsh border and our rural areas have ADSL, albeit very slow and running over creaky old phone lines. The article also mentions “broadband” a lot, and ends saying that there’s a fibre upgrade coming (which would track with the upgrade path I’ve seen in England/Wales rural areas going from “all copper” to “fibre-to-the-cabinet”).

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          I wonder what RIP Douglas Adams would have made of this.