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      I played Rogue for the first time just this year. I think I had tried the DOS version back in the day but didn’t take to it. I build a retro computer kit to run CP/M and started playing that version. Then tried Rogue and Hack on BSD. Different versions seem to have varying difficulty. On CP/M I can consistently get to level 12-15. On BSD, I don’t think I’ve made it past level 6.
      I can’t believe it’s actually possible to beat the game. :D

      My best day was when I wanted to rest for 10 turns and accidently bounced on the 0 key a couple times and slept for 1000. The entire room was wall to wall monsters. Needless to say, I did not make much further progress.

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      I played Rogue for the first time just now. I have watched other people play it and have played rogue-like games but never the original. It certainly has a charm about it.

      This write up is well done and enjoyable to read.