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    In New Zealand we are being asked to leave online order/delivery slots for people who can’t get to the supermarket (eg because of a disability) or who shouldn’t go (eg because of their age or health conditions). Other people should go to the supermarket if they can, while respecting the new rules to minimise transmission.

    Anyone thinking about this kind of hack should first consider whether they’re depriving someone more in-need (and likely less technologically savvy) of an important service, and potentially forcing them to risk their health by having to go the supermarket in person.

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      In Luxembourg, the state created a delivery website run by associations and communities, on which you have to prove that you’re a person at risk to order.

      The catalog is smaller and quantity is limited, but it’s indeed a great initiative that helps people that are the most at risk.

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        I lived in Luxembourg. Easily one of my favorite places on the planet. Moien!

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          Moien! I have to admit that I thought moving out more than once… but quality of living is pretty good here.

          Any reason for moving out (if not too personal)?

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            I moved back to the United States for my girlfriend at the time, who backed out of moving to Europe with me. For future reference, that was not a good reason to move across an ocean. :)

            That being said, this was 20 years ago. I’m back in the US, married (to someone else), kids, etc. It’s just a lovely memory now.

            I had to go to Amsterdam for work about 10 years ago, and my wife came with me. After I finished with my work, we took an extra couple of weeks and went to Brussels, Luxembourg, and Geneva. She, too, loved Luxembourg. When our kids are old enough we’re going to take them and do a similar tour again.

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              Seems like a good life :) I’ve asked because so many people here mention that it doesn’t have night life, art exhibitions, etc… like you can find in other European capitals like Brussels, London, Paris, Berlin, … Although, I find it hard to compete with all the other advantages like the healthcare system, the security in the country, the job market, …

              Thanks for your honest feedback :)

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        Thanks for this comment. I’ve long been a consumer of my grocer’s online ordering service because of its convenience and had not stopped to consider the negative consequences that I – a healthy younger person who has a family that isn’t at significant risk – have externalized to others by continuing to use it.

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          Exactly this.

          Initially I thought other people were abusing the system but it turned out that either he could get over the fact that “he doesn’t like doing groceries” or just wait like literally everyone else seems to be doing.

          And now having shared the code while the situation is the same, he just increased the chances of people following the same path and spreading the “method”, while the most vulnerable people who don’t have the skills are left behind.

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          I don’t think this is a scraper. It’s just polling an endpoint…