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      I’m not entirely sure what the author thinks precisely is wrong with recruiting but I definitely see the frustration with engineers being consistently lowballed on salary and other scummy deceptive tactics and the overimportance of a person’s existing network. One can really see her experience dealing with this system.

      There’s something seriously wrong with the incentive scheme here, is my non-expert guess as to what’s wrong. Recruiters are supposed to bring in the most monetary value in the form of good engineers for their clients on a consistent basis, and once a person sees their job from that lens they might make some serious missteps in terms of other considerations. Discrimination isn’t protected against when the possible candidate is one of a multitude of options that the recruiter sees online, for example.

      What alternative recruiting strategies have we seen that might be more equitable to the candidate? Things like TripleByte?

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      How does one get into the ‘network’ to have work to put out to the ‘network’ enabling them to become someone a recruiter could even ‘do their homework’ on? It’s a vicious cycle that let’s a very small number of POC in.

      Well, the point of having a network of friends/colleagues is 1/ to skip recruiters, and 2/ about perpetuating an existing culture and friendship: of course it is exclusive to the extent that having a group of friends is by definition exclusive. But, it can very well be inclusive (open to minority and under-represented groups in tech) if your network’s not just white tech bros.