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    Some of the affected individuals have already started to organize via a Telegram group with the intention of filing a class action lawsuit against the exchange

    Should have used a smart contract.

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      Everyone is suddenly an experienced investor because they bought some cryptocurrency and it went up in value. Everyone is surprised when some market event happens in an extremely volaite unregulated digital mechanism trading on an untested unregulated exchange.

      This is super boring and OT for lobste.rs

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        This is super boring Hilarious, surely.

        I’ve been having great fun over the last few years watching the cryptocurrency community rediscover every bit of the gold-backed currency experience. Right down to the scams & manias.

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        I wonder what it might take for cryptocurrencies to go from being a frenzied speculation to being money.

        At this point, every single one of them is seen as a potential vehicle for getting rich quick.

        There’s a vast horde of bottom feeders trying to game the shit out of them all, doing their absolute best to get in before everyone else, to mine more than everyone else, and of course to cheat in any way they can.

        The world sure could use a widespread currency that’s independent and separate from the banking system. But how do we get from here to there, when now people are buying cryptos only because they hope their prices will skyrocket and make them rich.