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      It’s a bit sad that the C Shell isn’t mentioned in either article; I know that the current trend is to mock it all the time, but I quite like it and according to its man page it’s responsible for a lot of features we take for granted today: history, job control, completion…

      I guess vi is nice too though ;)

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        You as csh enthusiast and me as a Perl programmer can start our own “Most hated software” club. Everyone’s invited!

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          Perl is cool, but the guy defending csh has no pardon.

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          They hate you ‘cause they ain’t you.

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          By volume, effectively all the useful code I’ve ever written has been PHP, Perl, or shell. When do we meet?

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          As someone who really likes both perl and csh, I’ve accepted them as things not to mention unless I’m talking to another perl programmer or another BSD enthusiast.

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            The sigil that dare not speak its name.

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      I wrote a blog post about the history of vim a couple of weeks ago. Short blog post, and not super thorough, but relevant :) https://brb3.org/post/2020/04/24/vim-lineage/

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        Two bit history also has a good article on that topic: https://twobithistory.org/2018/08/05/where-vim-came-from.html

        This timeline also give a interesting graphical overview, but with less detail.

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      The people doing Emacs were sitting in labs at MIT with what were essentially fibre-channel links to the host, in contemporary terms. They were working on a PDP-10, which was a huge machine by comparison, with infinitely fast screens.

      So they could have funny commands with the screen shimmering and all that, and meanwhile, I’m sitting at home in sort of World War II surplus housing at Berkeley with a modem and a terminal that can just barely get the cursor off the bottom line.

      While the ITS case is true, the Multics team did get redisplay for Multics Emacs working over 300 baud links. There’s a really nice writeup at https://multicians.org/mepap.html

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        The links 404, is there a typo in there or is the site down?

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            Yep, fixed it in the comment. Thank you.

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      Here is the source code, https://www.coulouris.net/cs_history/em_story/emsource/, for the em editor that is mentioned in the article.