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    That was a much shorter review than I was expecting. No comments on performance, battery life, features, etc.

    I wish they had an option to order the laptop with no nvidia card. The last two laptops I’ve owned, I deliberately purchased them with only the built-in Intel video chipset for two reasons:

    1. Say what you will about Intel, but they actually pay people to write and maintain high-quality Linux drivers for the bulk of their hardware. I have had zero issues ever with Intel video and wifi stuff and will keep buying them while that’s the case.
    2. I play games about twice a year and the ones that I do play are no more demanding than Minecraft and Portal.
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      Eh, less of a review, more of my impressions after having the thing for about a week or so. Performance is what you would expect from an RTX 2060 (very good), but I don’t use any particularly performance-intensive programs or games. Battery life I have yet to really analyze, that’s why I didn’t include it in the post.

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        Point 3: Often the GPU becomes far more trouble than its worth; drastically increasing heat output, reducing battery life, and often being the first point of failure on the machine. It’s not worth it. (I’m also glad eGPUs are starting to become a thing for the laptop-only crowd as a result.)

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        I just recently replaced my 2017 mbp with a Sytem76 laptop (addr ws), and I’ve been really impressed. The build quality on the laptop isn’t up to the standards of a MBP on the whole, and rebooting to switch between the discrete and integrated GPUs is a bit unfortunate (hopefully this situation will be improving though now that newer nvidia drivers have better support for graphics switching),but on the whole the laptops have very nice internals, the screen on mine is great, and the work the System76 team has done with PopOS really makes it shine.

        I certainly am more than happy with my purchase a few months in, and I’ll probably be buying my next laptop from them in the future.

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          I’m very happy with my s76 galago pro, which I got when they still had 3K 13” screens. Only complaint on the new model years is the 1080P display in <current year>. :/

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            I have a Clevo as well (most of system76 laptops use a Clevo base) and the graphics card modes have prevented me from running Ubuntu. It would always freeze when such a switch happens or suspend would be horrible. Putting it in full blown gpu mode would lower the battery life by half…

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              I reviewed a system76 laptop back in 2014. I have avoided System76 ever since, but perhaps it’s time to give them another chance. Have they addressed the problems noted in that earlier review? Particularly the one about the power cable not fitting in well.

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                Yep, the power cable fits in perfectly (and the power brick is much nicer and smaller as well). The touchpad has physical buttons now too, I don’t think I’d buy a laptop that doesn’t except for the MacBooks.

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                Is it my conn or are there no photos in this post?

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                  Hm, there’s two pictures in the post

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                  looks like a modern version of the same clevo hardware that they used to base their Pangolin models off of.