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    The reason I posted this was because of past comment threads indicating that Earthly’s choice of a source-available license may have detracted from its adoption.

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      Thanks for submitting this. I work at Earthly and your feedback was influential in this decision. So thanks for pushing on this issue in a friendly way.

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        Hey it is literally good for everyone for the reasons articulated in the blog post, legit. I am personally and professionally impressed that you were able to take feedback like this so seriously. Takes a lot. Would love to talk more!

        Out of curiosity, will the homebrew-core formula for Earthly be updated to allow for easier installation?

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          Thanks! Yes, I think we should be able to update the homebrew formula now.

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            Here is the ticket tracking it: https://github.com/earthly/earthly/issues/1866

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      Great news (assuming there is a sustainable business model to fund further development)! On the gossip side, how much do you think this was influenced by Dagger.io entering the same niche of portable CI pipelines (and being open-source from the get-go)?

      Edit: (fragment of) a related discussion on HN with Dagger’s CEO take https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=30858823

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        From twitter it seems like more people know about Dagger.io than Earthly already, which is a shame.

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          Why is that a shame? Is earthly notably better?

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            No, I don’t know which one is better yet, but they fill very very similar roles. In my opinion it’s a shame just because I wish there was more momentum into either one of them rather than fragmentation. Earthly probably should have got it given it’s head start.

            On the flip side competition is nice as we can see in this case, but I don’t particularly trust Docker after Docker Desktop’s pricing/usage changes.

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              Note if anyone’s reading this still; I was confused by Daggers tagline “From the creators of Docker”. Those individuals are probably fine, and were not necessarily the ones that made choices leading to the relative downfall of Docker including their recent pricing changes.

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                Thanks for explaining.