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    I aspire to some day give presentations as well as Mickens does. It feels like a comedy routine, but he actually uses it to make good points about computer security in an accessible way.

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      James Mickens is the best. This is canon.

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        I’ve watched this presentation before, and I will watch it again. Love this guy.

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      I was sure this had been posted before, and just now found it: https://lobste.rs/s/roh8ut/why_do_keynote_speakers_keep_suggesting

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        This on is still my favorite Mickens bit of humor.

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          I am thankful to have a group of friends where, at some point, a get-together turned into us drunkenly orating Mickens papers. I did “The Slow Winter”:

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          Awesome talk, well worth watching!

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            All his USENIX articles are great