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    Tag suggestion: nix meta

There’s always been a fairly steady flow of Nix content shared on Lobsters, and it certainly feels like there’s even more recently (which is great to see!)

It’d be nice to be able to submit and filter by this tag, just as the other languages :)

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    I think we should either get the tag distributions or package management as a general category before considering adding more specialized tags.

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      I prefer going towards a generalization instead (there’s similar technologies like Guix, PowerShell DSC, OSTree, Silverblue, etc.) - the problem is what that generalization is because Nix covers a lot of ground; package management, desired-state, etc.

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        the problem is what that generalization is because Nix covers a lot of ground; package management, desired-state, etc.

        Nix does, but a specific post not likely. My bet would be on using a tag appropriate to the post, not the technology it’s about as a whole.

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        I think that package management, or maybe something generally enough to also categorize stuff like Flatpack and Docker would be good, distro is too linux specific, and linux already is a tag.

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        I’m in favor of a nix tag because it’s not just a language or a package manager or a distro, it’s all those things and more

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          This is how I feel about it, but there are also some good points being raised by others around generalising the potential tag

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          I’m not sure if Nix is necessarily the best option as most of the time it’s not the language itself that is the point of the posts, rather the transactional package manager it makes possible (now that I’ve written that it sounds like a description of most other programming languages, but I maintain that the Nix situation feels different).

          If a tag is created, perhaps something in that vein would be more useful? For example, Guix posts also occasionally crop up and are very likely to be of interest and not to the same people as those who want to see Nix posts. I also recall seeing another similar package manager mentioned on here recently, which would fit in the same category.

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            You raise a very good point. I just wonder what short tag could succinctly express all that these technologies give us.

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            I was was first skeptical, but given that there are already bunch of non-Linux operating systems (except android) and programming languages as tags available and the narrow usage of nix specific content I’d support a nix or nixos tag.

            Otherwise I’d either suggest to use the already existing category devops, which could be argued is applied package management, system automation, configuration management/orchestration (and more) in one tag or introduce something that covers system automation.

            Edit: If you search for puppet|ansible|saltstack|docker|kubernetes you find a lot of content that is tagged under devops and linux.

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              I certainly agree with the use of the devops tag for these sorts of posts.
              I suppose I felt a nix tag would fit nicely with the other language tags.

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              I’d like the tag to be more general than nix, but I’m not sure how to boil-down functional declarative package management into a short label.

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                Yeah, it’s not the easiest thing to put so succintly

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                +1 for the tag. Mainly so that i can filter it because I’m not interested in it.