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    Nice writeup!

    It’s super cool to have Spotify on BSD, kind of surprised it’s not more known about.

    Indeed, I am currently working on an ncurses Spotify client for exactly this reason - to use Spotify on OpenBSD. I will gladly post it here if there’s interest and once it’s somewhat ready for the public.

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      Please! What are you writing it in?

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        Sure! This will be in Rust due to the tremendous work by the librespot project. So far you can only search for tracks and play them. No queues/playlists or anything else that’s fancy, though I hope to get done some work this year.

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      I think I am the “OpenBSD person” mentioned :D - also, it’s possible to use the Web app along side spotifyd by removing a dumb element:

       window.addEventListener('load', function() {
          var a = document.getElementsByClassName('dialog')[0];
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        the Flash player got discontinued for one that uses widevine

        Ugh, DRM. Wait, how is it possible to have FOSS clients then?

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          Is there a way to do something like cargo fetch-dependencies and avoid having to try an initial build?

          Yes, cargo fetch