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      This looks really fun. I no longer have machines of that vintage, but even by the mid ’90s, we had a pile of old Amstrad 8086 PCs that had special connectors for their monitors and most of the monitors had died. You could plug in an ISA VGA card to them to use them with newer monitors.

      It’s sad that the cards don’t support EGA though. That was the point where PC graphics became (barely) usable. Windows 3.0 or GEM with EGA graphics were tolerable, though VGA and SVGA were both big steps up.

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        I remember the first time I walked into one of my university’s computer labs where they had just gotten new PC/AT systems with EGA video adapters. I was really amazed by the color and quality of the display when connected to what I think were Sony Trinitron monitors.

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      I love the silkscreen annotations on the PCBs :-)