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    I downvoted because I don’t think these Twitter accounts add anything. They dwell on the negative without providing a path forward. And these types of accounts are really Just Too Easy. Reading Dilbert is more intellectually stimulating.

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      I see your point, but on the flipside what would a “path forward” be? The structure is in place and we’re powerless to change it. Dilbert is pretty much a household name and it’s changed nothing. Technology has always been an area where ignorance in management has always been acceptable, and likely always will be.

      Developers get frustrated about this stuff all the time and rather than getting angry maybe they can laugh about it once in a while, and at least know they’re not alone.

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        The structure is in place and we’re powerless to change it.

        I disagree with this assessment. I quit companies who have poor bosses and I am working towards starting my own company, mostly to control my work environment more. If you honestly think you are powerless, then that’s your problem. Please don’t try to drag down the rest of us.

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          I quit companies who have poor bosses

          So have I. So have many others. And yet, IBM and Oracle (and those like them) will continue, unwavering.

          Side-note: I like the parody accounts that post their best quip once per day. Everything else is too noisy.

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              Your response makes zero sense to me. What assumptions am I making with zero information? You posted the link and said that you are powerless to change such things. I’m arguing that we aren’t powerless and we should do things to fix things. I don’t really care who you are, I’m responding to what you have said. If what you have said does not reflect what you actually think or you believe I have misinterpreted your statements then please clarify.