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    I so badly want to run gofmt on his example of valid cfg entries.

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      Which example are you talking about? I thought that I had gofmt'ed all the examples. Open up a pull request with the change and it will be pulled in :)

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        @steveno is joking about running gofmt on this example in your doc:

        foo=foo bar
        foo2= foo bar
        foo3 =foo bar
        foo4           =                   foo bar
        foo5 = foo bar
            foo6 = foo bar
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          Aha, ok :)

          I get it, would dare to say that I concur. Gofmt is the best thing since sliced bread.

          But the format is pretty loose, and people do crazy things ;)

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      Looks interesting. I have been using gcfg lately. Might give this a try, as with gcfg you are required to supply a section header in the config file, and it might be nice to avoid that.

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        That’s great! Hopefully someone will find this useful. Be sure to open an issue (or contact me in any other way) if you have improvement suggestions or if you find any errors.

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          Thanks. Will do (actually already done – ha!).

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            Thanks for reporting :) I have responded, hopefully you will think it’s a good answer.

            Link: https://github.com/walle/cfg/issues/2