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      nice, nlnet supported! https://nlnet.nl/project/Himalaya/

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        Exactly, since September, 2022!

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          Awesome, congratulations!

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        NLNet is seriously a force of good. They support some of the most innovative/fundamental pieces of software. Kudos to them!

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      How do cli email clients like this handle displaying html email?

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        himalaya read 150 -t html | w3m -T text/html or whatever your preferred browser may be (elinks, etc.). Ideally whoever is emailing you sends a plaintext copy as well.

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          How would that deal with tracking pixels and such ? :/

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        I use /usr/bin/lynx -force-html -dump %s when there’s no plain text alternative when reading email with mutt.

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        Haven’t used it, but I guess you could do the same as with other terminal mail clients: stick the raw mail into a tempfile and open it with thunderbird -file (important part: the name of the tempfile must end with .eml).

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      How is this different from, say, mutt?

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        The main difference is that Himalaya is a CLI, not a TUI like mutt.

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          Thank you, I spent more time reading about this. It is an interesting idea though - having a CLI. I guess I will explore more about Himalaya in the future. Good luck.

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        As a mutt user, I cannot say mutt is a delight to configure. Himalaya appears to have reasonable defaults and a straightforward configuration file.

        Disclaimer: not a himalaya user

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          However, once it is configured, you won’t have to look at it again. Plus you get more and more comfortable with the interface (this is true with any client though, not just mutt).

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      Nice, got this in the queue for Cat9 frontend/builtin-set targets (currently: madonctl, next: gdb/lldb then himalaya).

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      So the idea is similar to (n)mh and mblaze, but with more current backend stores and UI?

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        Kind of. This CLI is “just” an interface, the core concept of the project is the Rust lib that contains all the email logic. This way you can build all sort of clients on the top of it without reinventing the wheel.

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      Great to see himalaya getting better! I was checking it out around 0.1.0 and wishing I’d have a notmuch cli like that. I’ll be sure to try it out the next time I need plaintext email (other than git-send-email)!

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        The project is growing, slowly but steadily :) receiving funds from nlnet really helped us to develop the concept, now we have a good vision on what to do and where to go!