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    Decided to post this as I thought some might find it interesting. I don’t write nearly enough and that shows.

    I also simplified the css a bit and reworked my cv, might simplify it more (get rid of all colors).

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      I appreciated it! Video games are such a compelling entryway into programming. I think everyone who plays video games thinks about making them at some point. It’s good to hear about when they lead to positive life changes like yours.

      How was the Teccart program, by the way?

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        Too easy in my opinion, I would not recommend it, unless you’re like me and no other school would accept you. I found that the administration was very slow moving and not as available as another small school I went (namely the Mont Tremblant centre collegial)

        Though a few of the teachers were very good, Fernand, Mohamoud, Richard and another teacher that came from another school for one semester and taught a c++ algorithm class, are all very nice, smart and good at pedagogy. The other teachers were either lazy, boring or unavailable.

        The better things I got from it was a healthy hatred for windows (The school is very microsoft oriented), a base from which to self-learn afterwards (Probably should of dropped out after two semesters and switched to the university of montreal, the prereqs for the computer science baccaulaureate arent that hard) and a few good friends.