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    Looks like a Framasoft ad for me, as they recommend their own services in place of Google ones :D

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      Framasoft hosts open-source software, so if you want to self host any of it you can. (Scroll down on that page for links to the self hostable versions.)

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        But hey, isn’t the attitude like “Google is centralizing and monopolizing the internet, look for independent alternatives! So, replace Google Suite (sheets, docs, slides and so on) by Framasoft Suite right now!” looking quite suspicious for you? :>

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          by Framasoft Stuide right now

          No, because they don’t seem to charge for what looks to be a digital community service, and every service “they provide”, is something you can self-host as well. They even offer instructions, albeit in French.

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        I understand the point, but usually Ads don’t take the form of saying “use our product or this alternative we also think is good!”.