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I’ve heard people complain about “top posting” before, but I didn’t actually search the web for a definition until today.

My own habits haven’t violated etiquette too badly, I guess.


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    I prefer bottom posting but Outlook users, in general, make this rather hard. :)

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      As I recall, Gmail also require more effort to bottom post than “click reply and start typing”.

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        Indeed it does. Wondering why that became a thing when they were developing Outlook and Gmail. There must have been some thought progress around it.

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          The busy executives don’t need to think about trimming anymore. I’m sure that’s all there is to it. Stupidification.

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      Bottom posting is an unhelpful habit that has been passed on five-monkeys style from the days when infrastructure was less reliable and client software didn’t handle threading well.

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        This doesn’t make sense. If threading was unreliable you’d want to top-post to preserve the thread. Nowadays, most email clients like Outlook and GMail present threading less fully than Usenet readers of the mid-80s. The readers needed that because messages were often missing or out-of-order.

        Bottom-posting is not an unquestioned habit. It’s a technique for writing long replies to specific points in a long, large thread. That’s not most email conversations anymore.