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kurly is an alternative to the widely popular curl program.

kurly is designed to operate in a similar manner to curl, with select features. Notably, kurly is not aiming for feature parity, but common flags and mechanisms particularly within the HTTP(S) realm are to be expected.

The current authors are not security experts, but want to contribute to the fledging movement of replacing key tools and services with equivalents based on modern and safe languages. We recognize that people are fallible (including ourselves), and for this reason believe we need all the help we can get.

Several languages exist which could be used to fulfill our goal, but in this case we picked Golang.


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    release tag would be great here!

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      Whoops! Thanks for the prod. :-)

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      This looks awesome as a drop-in replacement for curl.

      For when you do not need a drop-in replacement for curl, I’ve found HTTPie wonderful. Any chance I can talk you into adding a bit of that style of goodness alongside sixcompatibility? (I appreciate that’s not really “the unix way”, but it’s definitely the “I don’t feel like downloading six tools when one would do” way.)

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        Thank you for the interest!

        HTTPie is new to me, thank you for educating me. Feel free to raise issues on GitHub for the kurly project if there are specific features you’re thinking of and I’ll gladly look into how they might fit.