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    I had some trouble understanding what this is.

    Maybe their mobile site is hard to navigate, but I found hard to find information about the project itself. Is it a community effort, a company, a VC unicorn …?

    They mention they’re not hiring, so I guess it’s some kind of company. Their plan for the future has three phases: build some tooling around protobuf, build a protobuf registry, and a secret third phase that presumably makes money. That sounds kind of like Docker’s business “plan”.

    So, it’s not “Uber for protobuf” but “Docker for protobuf”?

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      So, it’s not “Uber for protobuf” but “Docker for protobuf”?

      Sounds more like “buildtool just for protobuf” to me.

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        Safe to assume it involves collecting underpants.

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        From the blurb….

        “Protobuf is so much harder to use than JSON, why should I use Protobuf?” Buf aims to eventually reverse this sentence. Our goal is for you to say: “JSON is so much harder to use than Protobuf, why should I use JSON?”

        From the website….. they are doing their config files in yaml.


        My prime Plaint about protobuf is it’s not discoverable.

        You can’t even begin to understand the data without the matching schema.

        Personally I then CBOR and Yang is much much promising.