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    Projectors, omg please, projectors.

    Every time I go to buy a projector there are 1000 new ones with very few reviews and it’s incredibly hard to compare them.

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      That’s actually a very good idea. Projectors did not cross my mind yet. But I put them high on my todo list now. I’m still waiting for a projector that is fanless and bright enough to watch movies.

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      It’s well done, but not something I’d use when looking for a camera.

      Don’t take it the wrong way, but I think digital cameras are too complicated for a simple a chart like this, and it ends up not being very useful to anybody.

      People who are more serious about photography won’t use it because it’s missing a lot of variables like stops of dynamic range, number of lenses available, etc., not to mention more subjective variables like “image quality.” Even the axes aren’t very useful for those people, because they already understand the P&S, mirrorless, DSLR, pro-DSLR, medium format groupings, and where each category typically falls with respect to price and resolution.

      For non-photographers the graph may be more helpful, but I think a lot of the cameras displayed aren’t targeted to that market. Most people don’t need a Hasselblad or D810.

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        Started this project in 2014. This is my seventh chart of this type. Feedback is very welcome. Also suggestions on what the next product type should be.

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          Love this. Really useful. Nice one. How about wifi/router type boxes? Lot of variation there, when I was trying to find one I could flash earlier this year it was kind of a pain digging around.