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    How old is their git? On my install, --depth is documented with this:

    […] Implies –single-branch unless –no-single-branch is given to fetch the histories near the tips of all branches. […]

    Found when I went to double-check the docs for --single-branch to see what this manual refspec setting might be doing differently from that command-line option.

    Is this a Groovy wrapping of Git problem, or just old Git?

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      This would be the former. Jenkins+groovy+java git client = behavior you don’t expect at times.

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      So this is beneficial because they have 2,500 branches concurrently? Is that common at product companies that use a monorepo?

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        That does not sound unusual to me. I don’t think it’s good or anything, but not unusual.

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          Even on just Large Enough repos with a large number of developers (hundreds to thousands), especially with automated tooling that uses tags during deploys, you can easily acquire tens of thousands of branches and other refs.