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Submited becuase it feels (for me) interesting how the bleading edge tech Trello is using will blend with Atlassian stack which is little bit old now.


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    This is an acquisition announcement which feels more appropriate on HN or similar. The “programming” tag is a very big stretch.

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      had doubts before submitting. However i consider it interesting from perspecive of what would happen with the Trello as a product. It’s interesting how Atlassian would integrate two, Trello is bleading edge technology startup. Something IMHO Atlassian doesn’t have a lot in their portfolio.

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        However i consider it interesting from perspecive of what would happen with the Trello as a product

        If following it as a product is what you found interesting it likely means it’s not appropriate for lobste.rs.

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          Lobsters isn’t a place for startup product roadmap navelgazing.

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          It would be nice if there were a tag for tooling.

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            I disagree. I think part of what makes this community be the awesome signal rich noise poor place it is is its laser focus.

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          Atlassian’s products are uniformly over-elaborate please-everyone piles of features with no apparent thought to experience design. So it’s sad to see small, focused utilities like Trello and StatusPage.io, which are as good as they are in no small part for being small and focused, consumed by a company that clearly has other, contrary values. Very disappointed.

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            “Fast forward to today and there are still surprisingly few companies building software for teams.”

            The cobbler’s children have no shoes. There used to be a lot more money in the software tools market than today. Which is odd because software plays so much more of a central role in society and the economy now.

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              there are few trends going on in software tools. First, this becomes a commodotized market. Secondly, there’s really big fragmentation here. There are companies just making code-review tools (as usual) but now even code annotation, pull request handling etc. I wonder if there’s not going to be a flip and we’re going to see more acquisitions and more defragmentation products like Gitlab which does lot in one product.

              That said, I believe there’s still a lot of nice things to do in this space, and this excites me :)

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              Ugh, well I guess I’m going back to post-it notes.