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      All of my non-macOS systems still have /usr as a separate filesystem, even Linux systems that use systemd. I can (grudgingly) accept the argument being made, but the benefits far outweigh any issues for me (particularly in this day and age when systems are typically build from templates). Benefits including being able to mount /usr read only, ensuring the root fileystem doesn’t run out of space, being able to snapshot /usr independently of /, etc.

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      I ran a separate /usr partition for a while. It’s an utter pain in the arse and I stopped doing it rather quickly. Tbh I only did it because I thought it would enable me to manage my diskspace better. It was also more complicated rather than easier.

      /home, /pictures and / are the only partitions you need.

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        /, /home, /etc, /var, /tmp for me (on zfs).

        /tmp, /var as memory disks.

        /etc as ro, with possibility for rw separate from /.

        / as ro.

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          Why keep /var in memory instead of on-disk? Seems like you want things like webroots and log files to persist between boots.

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            I usually install webroots under datarootdir. Most of the time I don’t mind purging logfiles at reboot, though memory disks can be backed by a file if wanted/needed, see mdconfig(8). If I want my logs to be persistent, I usually log to a remote machine (with rw /var/log).

            I like my systems to be as immutable as possible. I still remount when updating &c but the default is ro.

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          I need /var to persist in case I need any logfiles from previous boots, plus it can hang systemd during shutdown because it wants a place to log to. /etc is secured via some etc-git manager that pushes to my git server. Memory disks don’t count as diskspace or partitions to me.

          Atleast, that’s my opinion.

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      This needs (2013) in the title

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        The last update was in May of this year though:

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        That said, changes were minor.

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          From the rules:

          When the story being submitted is more than a year or so old, please add the year the story was written to the post title in parentheses.

          Written ≠ had one word changed.