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This is the weekly thread to discuss what you have done recently and are working on this week.

Please be descriptive and don’t hesitate to champion your accomplishments or ask for help, advice or other guidance.


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    I felt too entrenched in my professional comfort zone, so I pushed myself out of it. After spending over three great years with my current employer, I filed my notice. Last week I announced my availability and from this week on I’m starting my search for the next challenge.

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      Fun times ahead! Best of luck!

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      I’ve started helping out with Carp - linux support now works out of the box (git clone ... && install deps && cmake . && make && ./bin/carp examples/spin.carp)

      I have just finished adding a minimal IR to my compiler this weekend, now working on changing the backend to use it to generate c - Icarus. I’ll probably start on a simple interpreter for it soon.

      I’m working slowly through mathematical logic (oxford texts)

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        Last week was a triumph, great success! Towed the dinghy up to the sailing club and got her berthed successfully. Now to wait a couple of weeks for the time to go rig & sail her.

        The other excitement was the USB stick in my Edgerouter Lite dying entirely. Turns out a Raspberry Pi 3 with a USB ethernet adapter will act as an emergency router without too much impact on line speed (for a 75/18 fibre connection at least.) Managed to flash the firmware to another stick and get the ERL running again the next day, took the liberty of upgrading the storage from 4GB to 32GB which means PXE booting other things off the router is now possible.

        This week I’m getting NAT working on my hetzner box so I can start moving services from elsewhere to it at last. Also looking forward to SteelCon this weekend.

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          Second week of daily word count goals. It’s been surprisingly successful so far, primarily because I’m in the Scrivener for iOS beta and I can now snatch a few minutes here and there throughout the day to work on my novels.

          UI architecture presentations. Giving two presentations this week to other engineering departments at my company. The biggest points are better dependency management, smaller codebases, and living style guides.

          Write a blog post on tabular numbering in CSS. While there is information out there about this subject, it’s pretty difficult to figure out how to do this unless you get lucky with your Googling. Hopefully the blog post will help.

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            You should submit the css thing here!

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              I plan to. :-)

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            Early in the week I finally settled down on which distro I’ll be using on my main dev machine.

            Continued to work on my Crystal OpenGL scenegraph renderer this week. I pulled out the C code and threw it in its own project, since I thought someone might find a minimal OpenGL wrapper useful (to get rid of error-prone boilerplate code).

            Fixed up my text editor project a bit by refactoring the undo system (to make it actually work rather than using a pointer to the old line which may have already been freed :P). Pretty productive week overall.

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              Had last week off from work, and just got more exhausted from running around with the kids, surfing, etc.

              This week I will be starting work on a proof of concept autoscaler, and maybe, just maybe, writing another issue of hifi, which I haven’t done in a long time.

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                I am playing with various algorithms to figure out the similarity between two strings, turns out it’s a pretty complex problem but fun nonetheless.

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                  Not much is changing these days for me, unfortunately. I suppose, Pokemon Go takes up a lot of time :)

                  Day job - still working in an ‘iGaming’ company, which might change soon. But as of now, PHP code, some Apache configurating is pretty much what I do every day.

                  On other stuff, still doing some work with elsendo (https://elsendo.io). Most of the development stuff is done. Trying to contact some smaller startups that I like to see if they would like to use the service (free, of course). But that has been going quite passively so far.

                  I don’t think I can call it work (even though it’s programming) but I have been playing Human Resource Machine, which is basically Assembly programming. Pretty close to finishing. It’s fun!

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                    Hopefully I’ll find the time to play with blender, or more elisp, or some sbcl + sdl2. Or maybe procrastinate to next week.

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                      I’m doing some research into large-scale fuzzy string matching; I think I might just jam everything into a Lucene-backed store and use cosine similarity (Lucene’s “MoreLikeThis”) but I’m also a little curious about rolling my own. The search space is something like the order of 5-10MM records, so it’s not intractable, but it’s also not trivial. The most fun sorts of problems! And I don’t have to monkey with Redshift for this one, thankfully.

                      Otherwise, I’m fixing up a couple of my guitars and girding my loins for shopping for a house. Toronto is not a great place to be doing the latter these days, at least for those of us who are looking for a place to live, rather than an asset class governed by the rule of law in which to park my ill-gotten overseas gains. On the gripping hand, I used to live in San Francisco, so the grass is truly greener up here.

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                        I’m working on implementing my own lightweight text editor because I don’t have enough projects on my plate already…

                        The planned features are:
                        * 99% compatible vim keybindings for Normal, Insert, and Visual mode.
                        * External autocomplete via the YouCompleteMe server
                        * Git integration
                        * Contents search via git-grep, ack, or awk
                        * Multiple cursors (tie this in with block-visual-mode somehow)
                        * Being very fast

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                          This week I’m mostly pentesting, nice app, should be fairly challenging. I’m also processing accepts and rejects for 44CON and trying to put together some sort of preliminary schedule.

                          During downtime I’m fiddling with the Raspberry Pi Zero’s gadget support to try and build a USB drive that instead of being a regular storage drive is actually a mount off a NAS, but would work from anywhere in the world via VPN and iSCSI. My hope is to provide friends and family with 20Tb of storage on something a little bigger than a USB key.

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                            Work is mostly frustrating, continuing to wonder if I’d be happy anywhere or if I need to lower my expectations.

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                              Quite a bit actually, I have a web dev contract that mostly finished yesterday, though I still have to find a way to make it responsive and fix any flexbox bugs (mostly in safari and ie).

                              I managed to get a 3 month contract working on a new web app, in haskell nonetheless!

                              Finally, i’m starting real work at the part time coop job, as I’ve finally finished all configuration. (Turns out vagrant works pretty badly on anything not debian-related)

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                                side project - continuing work on living ship game for my kid. Got some elements dropping from asteroids, and working on cleaning up early mistakes as i sketched it out to be able to develop new features a bit faster. next milestone working on is drawing samples from different planets - he really wants to be able to do that

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                                  taking a break from my crossword app and making an actual crossword instead :)

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                                    A bit late to the party, but at home

                                    • slowly (maybe a few hours a week) working on learning Rust
                                    • reading On the Origin of Objects, which in the last week, I’m still on chapter 1 as there is a lot of philosophy involved that I need to get up to speed on, which is leading to a lot of rabbit trail reading.
                                    • clearing out a lot of my hardware lab at home to make room for homebrewing and winemaking

                                    Work continues to be dealing with the smouldering trash fire that is modern software engineering.

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                                      Revisiting some old fuzzing experiments. Rather than running them locally I’m running them on an EC2 large instance. it’s actually my first time using EC2 directly (I’ve used VMs running on EC2 before but never managed them myself). It’s quite nice! Hashtag late to the party.

                                      The experiments are going pretty well so far! I find one bug in, uh, lets say “a widely deployed open source document reading tool”. It’s probably not exploitable (it’s an invalid read), but still interesting. That may have just been luck though. Have done some tinkering and am rerunning it.

                                      Other than that, doing a bit of prep work and course redesign for the workshop I’m running at Europython next week.

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                                        Might try to buy a house right across from where my parents live. That is probably the most exciting part of my whole upcoming week, because I also need to convince the boss that I really really could benefit from working from home a lot, and so could they.

                                        Then, a friend virtually smacked me behind the cranium. I don’t feel challenged or used to the top of my capacities at work, so he told me I had to challenge myself, basically. So I’m gonna be doing that by pushing on some personal projects.

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                                          Today is a local holiday, which means I am sitting inside watching the rain.

                                          The rest of the week I am going to spend TURN as a transport to the networking library I have been working on. I think I am going to try using the ungooglable lib re.

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                                            Burned out on Swift open-source stuff. Going back to personal projects. I’ve been kicking around ideas for a lightweight modern web forum built using Clojure for the past month or so; will probably start on that this week. I’ve also been doing research into stack machines and would like to build a simple stack machine interpreter for my Clojure-on-Swift project. (I was a little disappointed to learn that the stack isn’t used for managing local variables :).

                                            Non-technical: learning to draw (thanks to eevee’s wonderful article on the topic for encouragement), being outside on my bike as often as I can during the summer, playing through the RTS game Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak very slowly (one mission per week).

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                                              At work, I’m working on bugs/cases. Boring, but somebody has to do it.

                                              Outside of work, I’m making a push to organize my photo collection and upload the images to SmugMug and 500px. I have a huge backlog of images, but once I get it done it will be a lot easier to keep things organized.

                                              I spent a few hours each of the past two days getting a “workflow” down that makes it easy to add general keywords and ratings to images. This week I’ll push through and get as many done as possible with “high level” keywords like basic location and the activity I was doing while I took the picture, (“hiking”, “biking”, etc.). After I’ve done a once through to assign bulk meta-data, I’ll spend more time to go through methodically, add ratings, add more specific meta-data to some images, add some basic adjustments and upload to SmugMug.

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                                                Work is as usual, very engaging and fun :) Outside of work, I’m looking over Cracking the Coding Interview. It’s pretty good in terms of its explanations of solutions to its problems; especially at pointing out non-obvious solutions gradually so that the reader has chance to solve the problem with only as much help as is necessary.

                                                At the weekend I cycled through the English Garden, nature and exercise both do wonders for de-stressing. Next weekend I plan to visit Prague.

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                                                  Cracking the Coding Interview

                                                  I’ve also been looking through it on and off over the past few months - definitely a good book and I’ve found the solutions have encouraged me to look at problems in a slightly different way (the old cliché of thinking outside the box I suppose).

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                                                  Presenting a paper at a conference at the end of this week. I feel underprepared and nervous. Sitting in the airport now waiting to board the flight.

                                                  Still looking for a 1 month Ruby/Python contract. Get in touch if it sounds like what you’re looking for.

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                                                    Just finished my implementation of a state-of-the-art SLAM algorithm. Going to test it out with an RGBD camera this week.

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                                                      I don’t know why a technical director would think a single vagrant instance, a single VPS instance, would be ideal for development and staging. My plans this week are to isolate all of the projects into their own contained environments.