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      Ah, when I was testing I noticed that it didn’t happen in Firefox; but I thought that was just a result of my tricked out privacy settings.

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        Very curious why it even still works in Chrome. They’re pushing fairly hard for soft-breaking changes like this and the user-agent changes.

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          I bet they’ll do it once they have an alternative system which keeps Google Analytics working while hurting self-hosted tracking. That seems to be their strategy for the most part.

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      Ghost and other platforms should put this attribute on all outlinks in draft post previews.

      Rather than trying to set this for every link and every possible javascript navigation it probably makes more sense to set it globally for the draft page (and any other pages with secret URLs). This is less likely to have leaks.

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        I expect he doesn’t yet know about <meta content="same-origin" name="referrer">

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          Thank you! I figured there must be a way to do it globally, but assumed it would be something more low level — and got lazy and stopped looking as soon as I found an (inelegant) solution that worked. I have updated the quoted paragraph (and the code snippet) accordingly.