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This is the weekly thread to discuss what you have done recently and are working on this week.

Please be descriptive and don’t hesitate to champion your accomplishments or ask for help, advice or other guidance.

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    Over a year’s worth of maneuvering and work and planning is finally paying off, and we’re in the second three weeks of a final effort to kill a legacy system. Said app is a backoffice Meteor thing, which would be fine but a) we haven’t been hiring for Meteor folks (yay Elixir) and b) said app is tightly, tightly coupled to Mongo. Mongo is super subpar in Elixirland compared with the happy path of Ecto (which really just wants Postgres).

    The road was long, I’m the sole surviving engineer of the team that started trying to fix things, and it looks like everything is gonna come together. Anyways, we’re almost there.

    Getting ready for Elixirconf in a couple of weeks.


    Still organizing my apartment a month on, still need to figure out how to setup my living room and work room. Watching Hereditary would’ve been better on the projector.

    Working on outlining a few blogposts whose origins are from #lobsters, mostly talking about how we as employees are related to businesses and how we should be working to improve relations for ourselves.

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      We announced the fifth RustFest and have quite some stuff to do in the wake. (Starting CFP, Ticket sales, etc)

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        • $COMPANY - I added support for multiple configs (i.e. multiple vrrp_instance blocks for keepalived.conf) in Koalephant Failover Manager over the weekend, I need to test it a little more and then make a release.

        • $CLIENT1 - still mostly progressing with Bamboo Model migration, and I’ll be using the above release of Failover Manager to add a second floating (private) IP to the LB’s, so DB cluster traffic doesn’t traverse the public floating IP

        • $PERSONAL - I’ve started playing with D, as a potential path forward for some of the Koalephant tools that get too big/complex to be easy to maintain as shell programs.

        • $HOME - A couple more outside lights to change the switches/install and I can call that job done for now.

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          Studying succinct/compact data structures, with a focus on trees/tries. I’ve been reading Gonzalo Navarro’s Compact Data Structures and various referenced papers. I’ve been building up prototype implementations in C along the way, some may end up in a library eventually. (The author’s book on string search algorithms is also excellent.)

          Working on some small improvements to my Thinkpad Carbon X1 / Void Linux ansible config repo, since now a couple people are using it and have given me feedback. (And, yes, I am very happy with this laptop, and it works very well with Linux.)

          Getting ready for some vacation time.

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            I’ll be speaking on Wednesday about various things I’ve learned about cgo performance while working on Go support for Wallaroohttps://github.com/wallaroolabs/wallaroo).

            I had a very busy last few weeks at work so I’m still putting together my presentation. I had all the content ready but nothing in terms of slides. If there are any lobste.rs folks at GopherCon and are interested in chatting, drop me a note.

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              Writing a DSL to easily describe keyboard modifications. Currently targeted at Karabiner.

              Code: https://github.com/nikitavoloboev/karabiner-generator

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                I’m working on my “modern”, “light” and “configurable” GPLv3 terminal MUA.

                It’s just a hobby project for now but I would like to get it out there as a serious alternative to mutt. No actual code has been published yet because I would like it to have all the features I want for an alpha release and I’m not there yet. My end-goal is to include python3 bindings to enable dynamic loading of user plugins!

                Screenshot of one of the two mail viewing interfaces. There other is modeled after mutt and looks more or less the same.

                You can follow my progress on my mastodon account. Discussions and questions welcome.

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                  I have almost finished the custom scheduled reports feature for my solo-entrepreneur SaaS product, https://newbusinessmonitor.co.uk/. A potential customer who has previously signed up with their credit card has told me they need this feature for my service to be valuable to them. I will launch that this week.

                  I also want to integrate a direct mail service, because a lot of UK business still happens by people writing each other physical letters. I intend to use NewBusinessMonitor to help grow NewBusinessMonitor, so I’m eating my own dog food. I will create a custom filter for companies I believe are most interested in using NewBusinessMonitor (which happens to be accountants). The service will send me all the new accounting firms started in the UK every day. These firms will then automatically be sent physical letters in the post, inviting them to use the service. It costs £0.45 to print and send a letter (this is the best deal I could find), and last month about 600 new accounting firms opened in the UK. So, it should cost about £300 per month to market to all those companies, which is already covered by the revenue the product makes :)

                  Oh! And the first session of Y Combinator Startup School starts tomorrow, so I’ll have my class holding me accountable for my work on this product.

                  Tech: Haskell, Elm, Nix.

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                    I quit my job a few weeks ago and have been enjoying the time off. I’m heading to GopherCon this week where I’m hoping to find a few more customers for my side project, https://equinox.io

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                      For work: Refactoring my own bad code. Fighting with d3 again.

                      For fun: Figuring out how to index Chinese, Pinyin and English words. I’ve got Chinese and searching works pretty fast (bigrams + inverted index). Now figuring out how to do Pinyin and English.

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                        I will be abusing my LinkedIn Learning perk to get a ton of training done, mostly so that it looks good on my profile and/or can actually have a thing to show that points to me having learned a thing.

                        This is part of a career move that I hope will take place before Halloween. I’m hoping for a decent bump in salary, at least the same if not more remote work (I’m at 60% now), and better insurance. Also maybe like, when they do make me drive to the office, maybe I don’t have to worry about parking in downtown Montreal, that’d be nice.

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                          EMT certification exam is on Friday and I’m spending the week cramming.

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                            $WORK: Optimize gameplay camera blending code on Xbox1 for the upcoming Anthem game

                            $PERSONAL: Polish and properly ship support for incoming WebMentions in my PieCrust static website generator. Add support for outgoing WebMentions in SiloRider.

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                              • Work search continues: I’m still talking to 2-3 product companies but the rest have been busts. The two small local consulting companies have been very positive interactions and I’m likely to sign with one this week or next.
                              • Podcast: Last week’s interviewing ate the time and energy I had hoped to put to a podcast site. I’m running the rails new after I hit enter on this post.
                              • Home: We adopted two cats. Age 3 and 4, both black domestic shorthair who were returnees due to behavior problems that sound like understimulation/owner inexperience. We’re introducing them to our home and, yesterday, each other. It’s going well so far and we’re delighted to have them.
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                                I finally launched a big protocol update last week for Merit. It had a huge impact on user growth so far. This week will be a big week of article writing and designing the next big feature we code named MRC20.

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                                  Ive been reading Grammar Of Graphics, a fantastic book about graphing. Working with d3 on a big data visualization project at work. I’m moving this week… and after reading a few articles about worker burnout I am seriously considering applying for tech lead jobs. People need some good leadership.

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                                    Work Graphics engine for game

                                    Personal I’ve started to learn japanese as I want to visit someday and I hate going to places and not being able to interact with people. I’ve been super into it and I’m even considering getting into the Escola Oficial d’Idiomes (Official Language School) here in Barcelona to be serious about it. This will be my fourth language (and the first I learn since I left high school, which is exciting).

                                    Because of my language learning all personal programming projects have been paused for a bit.

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                                      $WORK: continue adding new features to some legacy code.

                                      $FUN: Need to get off my butt and actually release the Lua TLS module I wrote via LuaRocks. It should work with any version of libtls from version 2.3.0 on up.

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                                        Picked up a secondhand bike at the weekend, only to discover the seat post is seized in the frame (carbon post/frame with alloy collar). This week is going to be spent releasing it, ideally without damaging it or the frame. [Update: I released it.] I have a sportive on Saturday too, so going to need some shakedown rides this week beforehand.

                                        Also decided that I don’t want to race my mini-yacht single-handed at my (inland) sailing club, instead I’m going to try the club’s Solo and be a proper dinghy sailor. (ie, one that can fall in and get wet.)