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    Is there a DSL like which can allow interaction with the generated diagrams? e.g reveal more of the diagram only on clicking, or zooming in on a diagram reveals more details etc. There is mermaid.js which allow embedding the DSL in browser and redering the diagrams there, but no interaction with diagrams. I can bootstrap interactivity using something like D3.js, but is there a DSL which can generate a web-app(?) for me which I can then interact with?

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      ~Voracious PlantUML user for about 6 years here. I’m unaware of anything like this. The closest it gets is modifying the SVG and that’s not fun or really tenable. I wish that PlantUML had something like this baked in or at least as an add-on but I’m unaware of anything such existing. I’ve looked for it for years and it’s been on my “hopes and dreams” project list for a while.

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      My text editor, KeenWrite, provides the ability to reference externally defined variables. Those variables can be added to diagrams. Kroki is called by KeenWrite, meaning numerous text-based diagramming formats can be embedded into Markdown documents, including PlantUML, Graphviz, Mermaid, and many more: