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    Just the name made me smile, not sure if intentional :)

    Arse: Irish, British, Australian, South African and regional Canadian English for the buttocks (“ass” in American English) [0]

    [0] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arse

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      Awesome! I going to use this to write the RSS reader that I always visualized. I’m using Miniflux right now, but I just wish it were more information dense.

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        Have you tried the reminiflux frontend? It has a more traditional three-pane layout that is quite dense.

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          Woah, I didn’t know this was a thing! Neato.

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        This is similar to sfeed.

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          It reminds me of miniflux which is what I use now. It’s simple, fast and not bloated with features.

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          Just curious, how did you like using Svelte for this, Elton/1ntEgr8?

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            It was my first time using Svelte, and I really enjoyed it. Can’t say that my code is idiomatic, but I thought Svelte was a refreshing take on frontend-dev

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              Thanks. I started to port a small project over. There are some limitations, but it’s definitely interesting (I also use esbuilder. I feel so modern).

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            Though I don’t use a web RSS reader (I made my own tool, feef and pipe it into FZF), I like the minimalism in the interface and the lack of nagging you about unread stories. And good job for letting people make clients!

            Any possibility the web UI could be extended with a view of all feeds?

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              I’m not entirely happy with any RSS reader ive tried, gonna give this one a look

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                This looks really nice. Reminded of UI of Pinboard

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                  Didn’t know that GitHub allowed embedding mp4 files into READMEs.