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Tell us about technologies you hope to master next year, and things you are hoping to avoid.


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    My resolution is to ignore tech entirely and start reading more philosophy, psych, political economy, and such.

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      I’m looking to work on more projects that I can personally vouch that uphold ideals and standards I try to live by (think GNU-ish but like kinda not, lol). I’m aiming to look into making more technical documentation and examples of things found in the IndieWeb. Right now, I’m even moving my personal site over a new stack that works first on those ideas and other standards secondly.

      I’m also aiming to get back into native desktop programming. I used C++/Qt a lot for this but after seeing the recent developments in GTK land with Vala, I’m wondering if looking into Rust (since Go would generate insanely big binaries for stuff with Qt) would help me play with this space. I really do feel like native desktop programming has fallen off due to bad tooling and Electron is squeezing out any legitimate development in that space.

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        I’m wondering if looking into Rust […] would help me play with this space

        Yes! e.g. GTK land is adopting Rust pretty quickly. Even though some things (like exporting GObjects from Rust) aren’t really ready yet, there are two major apps written with gtk-rs already: Fractal and Podcasts (Hammond).

        (Also neovim-gtk and more — I’m keeping a list)

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          WOAH that Neovim GTK app looks SICK.

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        I hope to be in a good enough financial position to quit my job so I can recover and hopefully not burn out for multiple years again. :/

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          Send me a PM if talking through with someone who’s been there would help.

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          • Finish the text editor I’ve been working on off-and-on years.
          • Get my Spanish fluency up to level of the DELE A1 or A2 diploma (…not really tech, I know)
          • Go back and study the math that I haven’t studied since college to start being able to help out more with the ML work we’re doing
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            From the other goals thread:

            I want to ship a personal project using Phoenix (Elixir web framework) and learn more about database design and SQL. Rust is also on my list - I would like to write simple CLI apps with it by the summer.

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              I resolve to become independent of my reliance on Google. I’ve already replaced Google Analytics with my own web analytics dashboard, and I plan to migrate from Gmail to my own private e-mail server.

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                I will not be learning a single new technology in 2019. I’ll be using plain php, javascript, html, and css – technologies I know really well. There’s no reason to learn anything new when you can get things done with existing knowledge.

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                  Discovery and exploration is one! I understand if you’re looking to buckle down and sharpen those blades.

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                    How much of getting things done involve comprehending code written by others years ago?

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                      About 5%. I mostly work on my own code.

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                    About to dip my toes into frontend development, without any framework specifics yet. A couple embedded projects need a refresh to their Web UIs. Need to figure out what’s up to date right now yet the most promising from long-term maintenance POV.

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                      Having just started a business I’m hoping to make that work. Specifically, I want to build a world in which more academic results get to “practitioners”, and more software teams are aware of the context (social and technical) of their work.