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This is the weekly thread to discuss what you have done recently and are working on this week.

Be descriptive, and don’t hesitate to ask for help!

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    Having a kid (wife is asleep at hospital currently). Getting home safely in 12in of snow. Surviving week one.

    I’ll probably be sleep-deprived-hacking on my FP-ish toy PL I’m working on. Currently it is in Rust and I’m emitting LLVM bitcode. As I’ve done an interpreter before, this is probably not the fastest way to sketch a PL out, but hey.

    My little PL will likely be a Trojan horse for ML’s aesthetics. I’m still looking into using something like a CESK machine to handle the core semantics; though I haven’t been able to crack this nut even with Matt Might’s excellent articles. Is this worth pursuing?

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      I am starting work at my new job! I’ve been hired by an engineering firm to work on the backend of an internal php application they use to manage schematics and the like.

      First full time job, so I’m little stressed, but apparently its taco monday, so that makes it all better.

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        Interviewing 5 companies for remote distributed systems work, possibly beginning a conversation about writing a book about rust and reliable systems, and trying to validate some algos that I’m using in a rust buzzword tree. It’s fun to finally jump into TLA+ :)

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          It has been a long while since I’ve posted here … or much of anywhere.

          Just got back from spending a 4 day weekend living in a cabin at a zoo with an educational group here in Thailand. I love getting to hear the sounds of gibbons. I also got to see my first water dragon in the wild, which was really cool.

          I just published a pair of crates for Rust bindings for WebKit’s JavaScriptCore. There’s a bunch to do yet, including getting it going on platforms other than macOS. (Hopefully someone that I know will work on the Linux support soon.) There’s also work to be done to let someone expose their Rust code to the JavaScript environment.

          Along that note, I wonder what JavaScriptCore will do when it supports WebAssembly on iOS! Will it be able to interpret it or will there be some support for native compilation somehow (via separate processes or whatever)?

          I’ve also been posting a lot on Instagram and welcome new followers there, especially those who are interested in seeing insects and other creatures from Thailand and other places that I happen to be.

          As for this week … I am hoping that an oleander hawk moth that I raised from a caterpillar will finally emerge from its pupa form this week. I’ve been raising some caterpillars in a large container on my desk in my home office. It is fascinating to watch them progress and then release them.

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            I’m doing an Elm Q&A tonight with fellow Elm contributor Luke Westby. The rest of the week, not too much planned.

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              F# & Monogame for making games.

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                We’re starting some new data analysis projects. Right now it’s just in the research phase, which means I get to spend a bunch of time looking at a bunch of infrastructure stuff and forming completely unfounded opinions. May favorite way to spend my time :D

                The thing I’m more excited about is we’re in talks with a charity to see if we can do some pro-bono software work for them. It fits our company mission, is good publicity, and makes me feel a little less bad about not giving enough to charity.


                I’m giving a TLA+ talk on Friday!

                I also have this blog post on how Vim keystrokes (not VimL, just the keystrokes) are Turing complete. I have the example and everything already done, but I’ve been slacking on actually writing the article and stuff. I probably won’t get around to it this week, either, but I’ll tell myself I will and then feel bad when Friday rolls around.

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                  I’m now looking forward to the post on how Vim keystrokes are Turing complete.

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                  Building a new stateless processing system built on top of kafka and node.js. Why? Because sometimes you have to.


                  Figuring out how I can port my SDL game i’m working on to iOS and Android. It uses OpenGL ES, mostly OpenGL. Anyone know of a good tutorial?

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                    I kind of want to look into Facebook’s Reason and maybe build a simple CRUD app by the end of the month.

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                      3d designed a couple of low profile ramps to make it easier for me to jack up the convertible (too low to the ground to get the trolley jack under.) Need to actually build them in real life at some point this week. https://github.com/caius/riser-ramps

                      Heading back to the Edinburgh office to rack up more networking equipment towards the end of the week. Should be fun, there’s something therapeutic about working with actual hardware occasionally and not just text on a screen.

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                        In a fit of yak shaving, I’ve started to write a mumble server from scratch. The standard one uses Zeroc ice as it’s RPC and that stuff refuses to work for me.

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                          Attempting to start a kata pairing exchange at work. I might build something to help match pairs as a side project. I asked some questions about the best way to organise it here.

                          Outside of that, I’m considering writing some blog posts for my very quiet blog rob-bell.net. I’ve got a tonne of ideas in a list I’ve been expanding on for the last few years, it’s just finding the time to write.

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                            Working on a hybrid make+fastlane build system for merging and building ~50 branded versions of an iOS app.

                            git clone --mirror and --reference are your friends when you have many copies of a single repository on your hard drive…

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                              Getting back into the swing of things with school after spring break, and working on a Wordpress plugin.

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                                I started a small PHP library with a bad named (AbstractModel) that really is just a class that you extend, pass it some flags about property visibility, and it will give you getter and setter “magic” methods. Basically just takes the pain out of writing tonnes of getN(), setN() kind of methods. Its not on Git yet, but if anyone is interested in taking a look I can throw it up there tonight.

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                                  For fun:

                                  Took a 12-year-old Perl IRC bot and ported it to… well, still Perl actually, but modern, no more Net::IRC, all async (including all the web and DB) stuff, Moo for objects, etc. Got to actually use Future (probably the best promises in Perl) for the first time, and it was pretty nice, although I had to provide a little bit of my own sugar.

                                  For work, not a great deal of excitement going on right now, but I do have to say that “identity aware proxy” is my favorite feature that Google launched last week. We have this app already on GCE, and I was going to build SAML auth into it so that employees could access it over the internet as long as they authenticated with the home base SAML server. But instead I put it behind IAP, and our Google auth already talks to our SAML server, so basically I got the same effect for zero work.