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    Does anyone here work with SDR or DSP for signals? I enjoy Lobsters but there hasn’t seemed to be much content around signal processing or electronics, happy to see some come by!

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      I do. And yes, this content is rare, but there do tend to be some really cool submissions once in a while. You can perhaps try searching with hardware or science or reversing tags with some luck.

      I am on a passive lookout, and tend to upvote any good content in this domain.

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        What libraries/environments do you usually use? My experience is almost entirely GNU Radio and I feel like I should at least try a few other options to see what they do well.

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          These days, I tend to do more FPGA programming, I use:

          1. scipy.signal and GNU Octave for developing filters
          2. Some HDL libs
          3. Faust2 : In the past
          4. dassp: Recently

          Overall, I agree that there needs to be a tag for : DSP, image processing, stream processing, data processing. It’s not enough to classify this with a python tag or number 4 with a rust tag alone.