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So I made a little lobste.rs mirror on gopher, you can see it live and updated here:

gopher://sdf.org:70/1/users/julienxx/Lobste.rs/ (lynx is a good client)

It’s written in poor Rust and the source is available here https://github.com/julienXX/gophsters

What do you think? Would you use it? Anything I could make better besides the code?


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    I wrote one, but haven’t deployed it anywhere.

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      Oh cool I’ll have a look at it to see what I can steal from your implementation :)

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      Anything I could make better besides the code?

      Text escaping. Quotes on this page turn into… something eldritch.

      calvin commented: I wrote one, but haven’t deployed it anywhere.


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        It gets better with every requote.

        Somebody, somewhere, is reading utf-8 bytes and interpreting as latin1 characters, then outputting utf-8.

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          Just about the vintage experience I’d expect from Gopher :^]

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          Updated the code to replace some of the problematic chars, hopefully it should look better now.

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            Seems it related to how Floodgap parses the thing. With a real gopher client it looks okay :/

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              Hmm actually it looks weird too sometimes. I’ll have a look. Thanks for the heads up!

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              I LOVE YOU.

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                I didn’t know what was Gopher before and still not sure what it is (will read more on that). I find Lobster already a pretty good interface without much distraction since it’s mostly text, so I don’t know what I would really use it for. What would be the use of this over lobster?

                Nice work and it’s loads really fast.

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                  Gopher is an old protocol, I mean it predates the world wide web so it’s not about making an alternative UI to lobste.rs on http:// but on gopher:// for people who like to live in a plain-text world. See https://gopher.floodgap.com/overbite/relevance.html for more informations on gopher.

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                    live in a plain-text world

                    Except that gopher doesn’t guarantee plain-text (in practise any file type can be served). IIRC the main advantage of Gopher is that it has a standard format for navigation.

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                      Interestingly enough, Gopher and the web are roughly the same age - Gopher was publicly released in 1991, the same year as Tim Berners-Lee’s original announcement to alt.hypertext.

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                    Love this. Nice work! :-)

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                      I like it. It makes reading comments super fast. One minor issue, though.

                      I’m using the gopher+ distribution (gopher-3.0.11p2). When I open the link I see “Page 1/4”. As I page down (or jump to the next page using “>”) I get to 3/4 and then it wraps back around to 1/4. I never see “Page 4/4”. Not a major problem, but paging works on other gopher sites.

                      Thanks for making it!

                      BTW, for anyone looking for a client, I find plain gopher has saner navigation than lynx. And less color! \o/

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                        Like how you did the L on the top. Looks cool.

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                          this is really cool and I’ve wanted to write a gopher server for fun for awhile now, thanks for writing it and posting it

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                            That’s quite neat! Congrats. :)

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                              Brilliant work. I’ll be using this daily as my main interface to Lobste.rs now. I hope you keep tweaking it and improving it with time.

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                                Fun :) I added gopher support to Pleroma a while ago (lynx gopher://pleroma.soykaf.com:9999), it’s a nice little protocol!

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                                  I love it!

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                                    Definitely gonna use it :) Nice work!

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                                      I’ve liked the idea of Gopher but one minor annoyance is how the server gets to dictate the appearance and layout of text (WRT manually-wrapped paragraphs).