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    I bought Apple Silicon mac honzajavorek.cz
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    This guy seems to have a couple misapprehensions:

    As far as I know, refurbished should mean that the computer was used as a sample machine somewhere, e.g. in an Apple Store. When they didn’t need it anymore, it got checked for defects and sold for a cheaper price as a second hand product in a very good shape. My theory is that the computer was almost unused by the time I’ve bought it, but perhaps it was open with the display shining all the time in the shop, so durability of the pixels suffered a lot.

    No, refurbished just means used but restored to like-new condition, e.g. reformatted, factory reset, physically cleaned, ideally delivered in original box or identical one w/ original discs and manuals, etc.

    Anyway, in addition to that, the [old] machine’s performance [a 2015 MacBook Air] is a total potato these days. I have always appreciated its portability (size and weight of a magazine) and silence (has no fan)

    The 2015 MacBook Airs do have a fan. I’m not sure how he came to be confused about that.

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      Where did you find that? All I see is the opening sentence:

      It’s MacBook 12” early 2015, which I bought a few years ago, second hand, refurbished.

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        Huh… I did see that bit, but read it as MacBook Air early 2015 at the time, and I don’t remember the size being mentioned (in fact, I specifically thought, “maybe he has the 11” Air and that doesn’t have a fan” so I checked around online before posting).

        I guess I misread the “12”” as “Air”.

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        Maybe it never came on loud enough that they noticed it, or perhaps they mistyped and meant Macbook (12”)

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          Maybe it never came on loud enough that they noticed it,

          Then they sure didn’t do any serious work on it, because non-M1 Air’s fan spins up all the time and is loud (we had several Airs in the household the past decade). MacBook 12” is indeed fanless.

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            It’s MacBook 12” early 2015

            They state that earlier in the article. The commenter must have glossed over it.