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    This has got to just be MongoDB marketing, right?

    The judgement of everyone I respect is that MongoDB is a really bad choice for the vast majority of use cases, and that the company is completely unethical in how it goes about marketing itself. For example, see Jespen’s take down of MongoDB’s spin on Jespen’s own report - https://www.infoq.com/news/2020/05/Jepsen-MongoDB-4-2-6/

    Look at the rest of this quickprogrammingtips.com site. It initially appears to be a site on a range of topics, but look in more detail e.g. https://www.quickprogrammingtips.com/category/python

    The articles are extremely basic and generic, full of materials that can be found elsewhere on the internet, on equally scammy looking websites. You have to conclude that the entire website exists only as part of MongoDB’s aggressive and scammy marketing.

    As soon as I subscribed to ‘Web developer’ channel on Twitter, I saw exactly the same thing: so many accounts - either bots or shills - all asserting how MongoDB is amazing, and dominant, and the best - or only - option for anything on the web. They must be spending a huge amount on this, and it is working in its own way.

    Can we all agree that MongoDB Inc is the most scammy thing ever, and you should avoid it like the plague? No other database vendor behaves like this.

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      As a front-end developer slowly getting into back-end a couple years ago, MongoDB was the most approachable/least “scary” database to become acquainted with. As my projects got more ambitious I ran into annoying situations with MongoDB amd eventually quit in frustration.

      I’m happy with RethinkDB now and wrote a lil’ tutorial on migrating because I also think the marketing is overblown. https://blog.webb.page/2020/migrating-from-mongo-to-rethink

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        Thanks for sending me down a rabbit hole; they’ve got tons of posts on Java going back to 2012, so I don’t think they’re part of MongoDB’s aggressive and scammy marketing.