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      Good on him for publicly crediting Silber for allowing Canonical to be sustainable without him.

      I made some miscalculations around Unity. I really thought industry would rally to the idea of having a free platform that was independent.

      I, um… wait what? If this is implying that the many existing alternatives to Unity are either not free or not independent, that seems extremely disrespectful.

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        He’s comparing to Android and iOS here

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          I see; thanks. Probably would be clearer in context in the full interview.

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        It’s also not clear why he thinks Unity was independent, especially since it was canned when its corporate owner decided to ‘go in a different direction.’

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      Good riddance. Unity was a hot mess and was actively hostile to the visually impaired. Can’t use the default font sizes they’ve chosen? Too bad! You can change them some places like in side a terminal, but you can’t log in because the login screen and 9000 other places in the desktop won’t let you change them at all.

      When I was last marooned on a Linux desktop full time, I found KDE to be far more usable from an accessibility perspective. Adjustable fonts pretty much everywhere - only had problems when I had to use a Gnome app for something :\