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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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      Trying to keep things chugging along at work even though I’m thoroughly sick of the current project and really need to be spending more time getting things prepped for the next one.

      A friend introduced me to Nope, Not Arabic and it made me annoyed enough I wrote up a small article on how to read/write Arabic enough to recognize if a computer has screwed it up: https://wiki.alopex.li/HowToNotFuckUpArabic

      Noodling around with Wayland, apparently. Sway is so far hands-down the best way to have smooth graphics on my Pinebook Pro; even lightweight WM’s like awesome are laggy in comparison. Started playing with Wayland in Rust, it’s pretty decent so far.

      Hopefully continuing to go running at least 3x a week.

      Petting cats, a lot.

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      I’m going to continue hacking on 9front. Currently looking at revamping the time handling entirely. I also want to look at some more OpenBSD code, and see if I can port git9’s git push support into Game of Trees, after fixing a bug that causes inefficient pushes with some branch/merge patterns.

      But the big project for this week is going to be figuring out how to pay rent without giving up independence. I’m looking at consulting and contracting. I don’t currently know what rates I should be charging, how to build up a client base, or even where I should be advertising. There’s a huge market for frontend work, but I don’t do that (or at least, I’d be an awful choice for it). I tend to do systems work – my last job covered everything from firmware to spark data pipelines.

      If you have thoughts on how to approach this, or know anyone that could use a hand at what I’m calling “general wizardry, backend and below”, I’d love to hear from you.

      (Edit: should probably put my contact information down, if I expect to hear from anyone. Email is best: ori at eigenstate.org)

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      Work, Animal Crossing, and programming for fun.

      I’m surprised I like the game so much. Tracking the stalk market with my college friends has become one of the highlights of my week.

      It’s been an interestingly productive season for my side projects. So far, I rewrote my static site generator, and I finally wrote my “ctags delegator”

      So this week, I’ll probably test out my ctags delegator a bit. And I’ll probably start working on a new project, but I’m not quite sure what yet!

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      Still working on that Matrix chatbot. From a quick dabbling in getting the client-server APIs working, it looks like the protocol is about subscribing to events (/sync calls) broadcasted to channels (rooms). Instant messaging happens to be one of the things you can do with it.

      This is the first time I feel motivated to work on a personal project in years.

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      • h11:

        • Upgrade to the upcoming Zig 0.6 release
        • Improve coherence about data ownership and lifetime
        • Write documentation about how to write a basic HTTP client
      • Get a working proof of concept for a python serialization/deserializarion library to be used accross the codebase at work.

      • Do at least 3 good abs, 3 stretching and 3 running sessions

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      (Virtual) university is starting, so I want to get burned out on programming side projects, so that I don’t feel the urge to do so later on. I’m currently rewriting the Emacs package dumb-jumps internal logic and considering to learn web-assembly using Rust, to write a 4d agar.io clone. I know I won’t manage either in a week, but I want to at least have the fun of doing the first 80%.

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      @work I have a ticket to address some STIG issues.

      @home Still watching the OCW course on Finance Theory and reading the textbook, “Principles of Corporate Finance.” The course and instructor are very interesting, but the textbook’s a bit dry - I’ll finish the course, but probably not the book.

      Over the weekend I made a little progress on a Common Lisp binding to Fox Toolkit, but don’t have anything working yet. Still having some issues with C++ support in cl-autowrap, but I think I can work through them. The bigger looming problem is that all of the examples I’ve seen use sub-classing (of FXMainWindow) to create windows. I really don’t know how subclassing a C++ class in Common Lisp can work, but I’ll see what happens… If this dead ends, I’ll give Swig a try, but in the past it’s worked less well than cl-autowrap for me.

      In any case, if I can get “C++ without subclassing” to work, it should be enough to use quite a few C++ libraries from Lisp.

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      Assembly experiments have been successful this weekend. I’ve come up with a simple mental model to create lists of lists. So I’ll continue playing with this.

      On the gaming front, I just beat Abyss Walkers in DS3. Fun boss but wasn’t a fan of the first phase with multiple enemies.

      Work, I’m beginning a new spec and probably maintenance on legacy.

      Continue to try to workout in my kitchen and going for walks at night. Motivation’s hard but a little music makes it bearable.

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      I’m working on my lackluster analytics project. I have newfound inspiration for it and will hopefully launch this year as an actual product.

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      Working on a new system I’m kind of excited for. We have tens of thousands of JSON files sitting in an AWS S3 bucket that we finally need to put into a relational database. So first is to scrape existing and second is to build a system that is triggered when new JSON documents show up.

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        I haven’t used it personally, but have you looked at aws athena?

        EDIT: full disclosure I work at AWS on something completely unrelated.

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          I haven’t looked at this - but it does seem neat! However we have our own qualifications of how the assets are parsed and inserted, and then how it’s queried and brought into our BI solutions. I’ve been writing a “run one time” kind of script all day to achieve this.

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      I was pretty low on willpower during the weekend but now I’m feeling better.

      This week I’ll be diving into oauth 2.0 and keycloak and will be rebuilding my website (I’ll keep my wordpress blog for personal stuff, and I’ll use orgmode for a technical writing one – wordpress on wordpress.com is awful for technical writing).

      I managed to get some promising initial results with some basic styling, ideally I would like to get that into gitlab-ci and start versioning as well automating “deployments”.

      If there’s time left, now that I managed to learn enough ldap, I’d like to use that for kubernetes authentication and authorization (possibly with keycloak? I don’t know yet).

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      Work, Guitar, and FF7 remake.

      I gotta say, so far, that FF7 remake is extremely impressive and nostalgic. I recommend it to anyone that has a PS4.

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      I agreed to join a friend’s company to setup the new ecommerce platform for him. Tomorrow will be my first real day there. I’m super excited to work with him since we both have been looking forward to doing something together for more than over five years again, this time with way more funding and I love to start something new from scratch.

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      Hopefully finding the time to overhaul all my pending futures-0.1 code in rust to async/await, deciding whether to stay on the tokio crate or not.

      Or maybe converting an java App to Kotlin ?

      Also work and trying to squeeze my friends in between all this.

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      We’re onto final testing, to have $CLIENT’s codebase run multiple sites, so either bug fixes, or planning prod deployment/rollover.

      I found another (or the same one again, they all look the same) snake in an outdoor power box, so I’ll probably try to get some of them replaced with the better, sealed ones I’ve got waiting on the shelf.

      I got some helpful feedback/suggestions about improving the python config module for http://bitbucket.org/koalephant/shell-script-library, so hopefully I can make some improvements there.

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        I should clarify: better, sealed boxes, not better, sealed snakes.

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      @work: Planning to get Jira Data Center up and running on our DEV environment. This clustered Jira solution will be big help for us to scale application as we are growing both users wise and application adoption wise.

      @home: Last week I’ve got pretty good response on my weekend project - “Receiving automated alerts on Instacart delivery time windows”. Few of my friends use this bot to get notifications successfully. But still challenge is one has to get up early morning (as that’s the time these delivery windows are made available) So I want to see if I can go further and place order on user behalf.

      It’s going to be a challenging task with no API documentation available. Also that make it’s more fun to find out if I can figure things on my own. We will see :-)