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    DNS Pinning for Human Rights networking git-01.md.hardenedbsd.org

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    Regardless of where you lie on the issue, lobsters has so far been pretty good at staying away from partisan projects with little technical innovation.

    There’s not much to this, it’s just a collection of configs that exists based on strongly held political opinions. I’m not sure if we want to consider it a good posting here.

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      I would suggest this needs more thought before being presented anywhere. Human rights [of people browsing the web] is a completely different thing and much more open to subjectivity than e.g. ’human rights [of people protesting in a politically unstable country].

      Is the technology presented directly related to human rights or just a tool for altering DNS at some point in your infrastructure?

      If the part of this that is about human rights is the list of domains then it needs a very clear explanation of who compiles the list and how they decide what goes on it; and right now the list in this repo has 3 domains which isn’t an effective number of entries