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We don’t seem to have one for it. We have an android tag, but not kotlin.

It would be great to filter out posts focused on it.

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    What are some submissions that would fit under the tag?

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      Is there some implicit complexity connected with adding a new tag that makes it undesirable? I’m asking because from my perspective tagging allows for easier content management and people would benefit from new tags by e.g. being able to hide unwanted content or browse only a specific topic. My perspective may be incorrect though, hence the question.

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          That’s a lot of links to stories that are 2 or 3 years old. What are some recent submissions that would fit under the tag?

          (No, just saying “click order by Newest” isn’t enough. That’ll give too many false positives. I’m asking for an explicit list of Kotlin submissions, just as other tag requests do.)