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    So, in the widely-cited Newsweek article, everyone who died in any parachuting accident was erroneously counted as killed by parts falling from an airplane.

    As in the parachuting deaths the object falling from the aircraft was the person.

    This article highlights the risks of not checking facts from the sources - often the actual facts have been distorted to suit the argument.

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      This is great. As far as I know the US doesn’t keep statistics of things like “people killed by police”, but the CDC is all over junk falling out the sky.

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        Skydiving incidents are easy to classify. Being shot can be distinguished, but just separating homicides, suicides and accidents in case of lethal firearm wounds already yields a large group of «uncertain». And I also doubt that there is an incentive for any agencies to misreport skydiving deaths as mountain climbing deaths.

        So the data which is very cheap to produce gets collected and automatically tallied and ends up easily available online, and for controversial data you can only have estimates.

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