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    Reflections in the water even? COME ON!

    This is cool.

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      I don’t think I should be allowed to name the technology that powers it, but I really hope the author considers TextGL.

      Also, this is… I’m speechless.

      Edit: Also, for the shading aspects, coming from the world of ink / graphite – text hatching. I know it’s been done before digitally (I’ve even written scripts to shade using text), but it’s like cross hatching, but you use text characters. OK, I’ll stop.

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        This is cool but it would be even cooler if this were served over SSH

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          It seems you can modify the URL (by changing the “/x13” part to a lower number) to see earlier build of the game.

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            That’s really neat. I want to see someone try to make a real game out of this

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              I think the person behind the demo (MrGumix) is.