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    I actually wrote a Gopher proxy to Lobsters, if you’re interested. I mean to come back and polish it some days.

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      Yes, the world needs more gopher services!

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      So reading this article makes me want to either install my own Gopher server OR implement my own, for fun. In 1995, the year they pick as “year of death” of the Gopher protocol, I was 9, and I believe, still one or two years out of my first Internet connection. I have never seen a Gopher server in action. I’m thinking it’s about time I fix that. RFC seems simple enough too.

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        I remember using Gopher a bit in the early/mid 90s, but it wasn’t something I used heavily. There just wasn’t a huge deal of content that interested me (remember, these were the days when IMDB was still on Usenet, which was my major source of content then). I always thought Gopher predated the web by a few years, but was surprised to learn a few weeks ago that they were made public at roughly the same time.

        I’d also like to set up a server when I have the tuits - would be good to keep the protocol alive in this day and age of Javascript-filled web pages that are larger than DOOM.

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          I’ve played with pygopherd a lot, and remember that the gophermap syntax felt really arcane. But it sure was fun to host on my old home router.