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    So objects and functions are peanut butter and jelly, but types are vinegar? Or oil? And data is a delicious pickle on the side? The middle part was kind of confusing, but it seemed really important. The post kept going and I thought I was reading it, but really I was still puzzling out what was going on and not paying attention.

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      Well you need to emulsify the oil and vinegar before you can put them on the sandwich, but remember that a sandwich is like a burrito and you can’t get the peanut butter and jelly out of the burrito unless you use a monad…

      Yes, I also found this article hard to follow.

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        Ahhhh! You have to unwrap the burrito! Of course, silly me.

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      To paraphrase Alan Kay’s complaint on how object orientation went off the rails when people misunderstood it, the point is the messages, not the objects. Or, as this author puts it, the interactions, not the functions+data.