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    It’s definitely worthwhile linking the wikipedia article on this one. The background is absolutely fascinating because this is a real story.

    There’s a heap of additional material like the documentation for the backjack game (scroll down to “PLAYING CONVENTIONS” for a laugh) and even a paper tape copy of the program!

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      I love this. I remember seeing it over a decade ago, and have re-read it multiple times since then.

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        It’s indeed a wonderful story.

        On the other hand, if a colleague of mine were to program using techniques like this, I would be tempted to break his/her fingers.

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          The difference between hacking and engineering. Room for both, each in its appropriate time and place.

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            As long as it’s well documented I’m all for crazy stuff.

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          Wow. Library of Congress material.

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            This should be a pinned post on story submission sites like this since it appears so frequently. That, and everyone should read it.

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              I love this story. I’ve read it many times over the years, but it always continues to inspire me.