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      I’ve tried to use Darktable (and Rawtherapee) for a few times without success. Both have tremendous count of features but compared to Lightroom they lack of simple UI. I wish there will be option for only one panel with reasonable set of settings available. I feel that amount of features there for casual photographer like me is too much. BTW, I loved how old Google Picasa worked - Darktable/Rawtherapee could think about that tool.

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        Oh, I can fully recommended giving it one afternoon with some video tutorials. After that, you should be comfortable with the basics functionality. If I remember correctly, you can customize the interface to show the panels that you like.

        I switched to Lightroom a while a go, mostly, because my most powerful machine was a Mac with Mac OS. I had trouble finding things in lightroom for a while and thought that darkroom is organized more logically.

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        I’ve used Darktable for many years now and I find the UI to be really great. It is preciously what you need without being too complicated. It is geared towards professional use. Use a couple of hours with Darktable and you’ll be right at home. It is easy to configure a set of features and only use those.

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      To date, I’ve been using Shotwell for managing photos and ufraw (via gimp) for the editing. (See example output.) With gphoto2 for import. It’s… pretty clunky, but I’ve been using ufraw for a while. Looks like it’s time to try switching again—anything to get out of shotwell’s limitations!

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        You may already be familiar with this subreddit:


        But I’m mentioning it in case anyone else isn’t.

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      It’s nice that they ported darktable to Windows, even if it’s still an incomplete port.