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Hack details here: http://devpost.com/software/ramear

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    fantastic! hackathons are, in my opinion, too much fun to waste rehashing bland ‘X for Y’ projects.

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      A response to the “scary” comment by one of the hackers in the hack details comment section:

      “The reality for the vast majority of people is that there are substantially easier ways to get data off their computers. If your computer has an internet connection of any time, there are thousands more attacks which are easier to implement, faster, longer range and more reliable than this. This is only really useful when it comes to air-gapped computers, with no network connectivity at all. The idea came from this paper, so it has been possible & published for a while now: http://usenix.org/system/files/conference/usenixsecurity15/sec15-paper-guri-update.pdf

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        Since you can reconstruct screen images from flicker patterns on the wall behind, determine keystrokes from the distinctive sound they make, infer encryption keys from accurate power measurements, measure internal state by the sounds emitted by a circuit, send and receive data using ultrasound—RF from internal circuitry seems like a fairly benign side channel.