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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    I start my first full time software engineering position this week! I’ve heard a lot of positive things about the work environment so I’m looking forward to it.

    Beyond that, I created a Zig Lua API bindings library last week. I have every C function wrapped by a Zig function, but because Zig doesn’t evaluate unused functions, I’m slowly discovering small issues as I test each function (typically just a small type mismatch on arguments). So this week I plan to test that API, fixing any bugs and making the API more Zig-like in the process by using Zig errors and such. Should be fun!

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      Good luck!

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        Thank you!

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      RYA Day Skipper practical assessment!

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        Very cool! I’ve only been sailing a few times. Do you have your own boat?

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          Couple of dinghies and taking over a part share in a yacht in Greece. Also crew for a friend and decided I want some formal qualifications for it.

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        I will continue to work on coc-clojure, my extension for the neovim plugin coc.nvim. coc-clojure acts as a wrapper for clojure-lsp, with some good defaults, keybinds, and automatically setting up clojure-lsp. I feel pretty good about the state of the extension, but I feel some mild jealousy of the VS Code extension Calva which is quite nice and has a lot of features my extension is lacking (due to the more fragmented nature of the vim/neovim ecosystem).

        Up next is seeing if I can get better signature help support working. I have it showing clojure-lsp’s native signature help, but it doesn’t treat whitespace as a valid place for determining which parameter or signature overload to choose, so until you’ve entered non-whitespace characters, it will continue to act like you’re on the previous parameter or the smaller signature.

        Once I have that figured out, I might poke at adapting parts of Joyride to my extension as well. Joyride is extremely cool and I think it would be equally cool if I could write scripts for nvim in Clojurescript. We’ll see how it goes!

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          Apart from normal work, I’m doing a talk at the Belgian Scala Meetup called Interrelated protocols in the editing experience. I wrote a blog post related to this a while ago showing how in Scala you have a lot of interaction between the Language Server Protocol, the Build Server Protocol, and the Debug Adapter Protocol when you utilize a code lens to “run” your code. I’m excited to give this talk!

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            • Some new features that I soft-launched last week will be getting their first wide exposure to users this week… hoping for a smooth ride
            • Floating back on to a different project I’d worked on earlier to give some extra support on longer term technology direction

            Not Work:

            • Investing some time into tools and infrastructure – refreshing my desktop dev box, migrating my craft and hobby bench to a new location, getting some additional shelves put up in storage area, poking at migrating my vimrc over to neovim&lua
            • Polishing up a hackathon project that was pretty rough due to timeline, but would like to get actually usable
            • Planning for some in-person user group events to get started up again
            • Hoping the sun might come out sometime this year
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              My static site generator is able to work :D

              Thinking about writing a post about how I set up self-hosted services, like:

              • AdGuard Home
                • Automate renewing HTTPS certs with Traefik
              • Bitwarden (Vaultwarden)
                • Configure fail2ban to protect against brute-force attacks
              • Traefik
                • Automate renewing HTTPS by Cloudflare DNS API
                • Forward headers if IP is in the Cloudflare IP list
                • Provide more configuration examples as I tweeted this last year…
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                Drafting the third blog post in the series I’ve been working on. (Of four? IDK–there’s more ground to cover, but I think I’ll make it a separate series that refers back to the first.)

                I finally got the first posted this weekend (https://lobste.rs/s/rgqg1v/what_functions_why_functions), finished drafting the second, started the third, and managed to binge all of the first volume of Stranger Things season 4. :)

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                  Need to submit a bug report for my Chromebook, which has crackling audio at the higher volume settings. There was a seeming related bug on that platform (volteer (sic)) that was allegedly fixed. Not sure if I want to set up the entire development environment to take a look at it myself though.

                  Still have a lot of work to do on my update to the Rust Cookbook, though I may be halfway done with the initial effort by now, and a lot of the decisions have been made. There are a ton of new entries that could be created as well, that’s for later this year.

                  Mostly finished with a cut-over to my new remote development machine for personal projects. It is now a merely 7 year old i7 laptop, instead of the 15 year old AMD APU based laptop. The “new” one is an i7-4710HQ with 16GB of RAM, so that’s not too bad for compile times. It is a gaming laptop with a decent cooling solution, and a cooling pad underneath it.

                  Hilariously, the “silent” cooling pad wasn’t that silent, so I’ve been trying to mod it to reduce the RPMs. But reducing the voltage causes a whine, so that’s annoying. I may just have to buy a new one or relocate the entire thing away from my desk.